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4 Lesser Known Tips When Visiting Garden of the Gods

Garden of the gods is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a beautiful national park that is free! All the hikes are easy to moderate within the park and there is something for everyone. The beauty of the red rocks not native to Colorado provide an exceptional backdrop to take photos with.

1.Go to the Visitor Center

This is a great place to stop that is just across the freeway from the park on your left hand side if coming from denver and route (freeway). Not only do they have a cool interactive museum that is great for kids and to help you learn about the park more, this is also a good time to get a map of the park so you know exactly where you want to go and how to get there. Everything can start to look the same once your inside the park on foot always helpful to be able to pull out a map to help guide you.

2. Get there Early

If you are arriving in summer you absolutely want to get there as early as possible. THe days get very hot during the summer and the possibility for an afternoon shower storm are also high. Getting to the park early helps you stay cool and also allows you to see the sites with much less people around

3. Park at lot 13

A ranger told us in the visitor center that this is the only spot with water fill up. It also has actual bathrooms instead of port o potties. It has great proximity to balance rock, siamese twins and central garden, which are some of the biggest attractions there.

4. Visit Sister rock and balance rock first

These are some of the most popular spots for people to visit. If you are walking throughout the park (highly recommend) instead of driving to each location you will want to visit these first before they become overrun and yor photo opportunities are filled with tourists.


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