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Brooklyn’s Food Scene

The food in New York is without a doubt one of the most colorful and delicious scenes in the United States. But with so many options and areas that you can go to the city, it can be downright challenging to pick somewhere to eat. There are five burrows (neighborhoods) that makeup New York City, those include Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. With Brooklyn being the up and coming area it has a fantastic mixture of old and new in things like architecture and food! NYC Urban Adventures takes you on a food tour like no other, full of history and tastings through 8 different spots.

Here are 8 amazing spots in Brooklyn to check out on your next trip to new york

Stinky Brooklyn

cheese and meat galore so delicious! While they have so much to offer such as beer and bread they are best known for their cheese and meats.

Bien Cuit

Known in particular for their sourdough bread, this is a stark contrast from San Francisco style sourdough bread, and very worthy of a visit and taste. They also are known for some fabulously flakey croissants. 

61 Local

This is a fun local hangout with delicious beer, kombucha and an assortment of snack foods. You may just find yourself hanging out here or working from your laptop in the afternoon enjoying the local art on the walls and lamps. If you dig the cool exposed brick vibes this is the place for you, it even has a giant skylight. The reason, because it is an old horse stable repurposed. Pretty cool right.

One Girl Cookies

Just as the name makes it out this is a sweet cookie shop started by a girl and some delicious family recipes. The tea cookies are a great way to try out many unique flavors. Enjoy while you see the family tree and photos scattered around the shop. 

Shelsky’s Appetizing

Known for their amazing lox bagels a must try when in the area. If you think you have had this arrangement before you must know how much NY is known for their bagels and that they do things a little differently.

Damascus Bread and Pastry

Originally known for their traditional flatbreads and pitas they are now known for baking these breads and creating things like panini’s, roll-ups and artisanal wraps. this shop has deep roots in the Brooklyn community. Founded in the 1930s and still a staple of the neighborhood today. 

D’Amico’s Coffee

Founded by an Italian immigrant in 1948 this was one of the first small batch coffee roasters. 60 years later and you can still smell the roasted beans as you enter the door, a nod to tradition still being carried on to this day. Strong rich and bold flavors are what you will find here. I suggest drinking it black to really enjoy all the notes.

Brooklyn Farmacy

An old apothecary founded back in the 1920s was closed for more than 13 years frozen in time. But with some luck and a giant heart for restoring what had once been a soda shop has since filled this vacant space. Filled with all the original instruments and medicines of the times this is like a blast from the past and a true delight to visit. Even the tiny details of penny floors and tin tiled roof add a bit of childlike magic to even the oldest of us. Don’t forget to try the egg cream soda for a really delicious surprise (spoiler there isn’t egg or cream in the drink). 

wThe perfect way to experience all these culinary spots is to go on a tour with NYC Urban Adventures. You can use my code WHITTYJAZ and get 10% off any tour!


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