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Getsegway Buda Tour in Budapest


Sometimes exploring a city can be exhausting. Between trying to understand public transportation and walking miles upon miles, it can be downright brutal. But people are coming up with some creative ways to get around cities and see the sites and segways may just be one of the best ways.

Budapest is a city made up of two sides and a river separating them. The Buda side is an old world of castles and dramatic churches and architecture, its probably the most popular place for tourists. Then you have the Pest side that is more new age and filled with many more activities mixed with old era buildings and sites as well. Exploring either side can mean walking miles upon miles or learning the subway system in town. Either way, it can be time-consuming and take away from the sites.

Both Brandon and I had never experienced riding a segway before. It can be a little intimidating at first, but it’s very quick and easy to learn and is a blast once you have it down. We met with our guide downtown in the office where we got helmets for our trip on our segways. You are not allowed to ride them in the square so our guide carried them out to the street for us and gave us a quick training on how to ride.

img_8505We decided to do a Buda tour and we would have an hour and a half to explore. Because we love to see as much as we can when we visit a city our guide agreed to take us to more locations and spend less time at the locations. Being able to choose how you want to experience each place is the best, you can spend time at each location walk around get amazing pictures or you can run from one spot to the next getting snaps along the way, it’s up to you.

We started by crossing the Elizabeth bridge and went up to see the Cittadella. We had actually visited this site the day before not even knowing what it was. There are a couple ways to get to the tops, walking a million stairs, taking a hop on hop off bus or using segways. After experiencing the tireless hike to the top the day before we were incredibly happy to use the segways and see some new sites along the way.

After that, we went to the Buddha castle. We enjoyed a ride along the Danube to get there even through the cold wind it was a great time.  The climb up to the castle is a long winding cobblestone road. While the cobblestone presented some difficulty on the segways we were still zipping past the other tourists who decided to hoof it. Once to the top, we strolled along the grounds and got some amazing shots to last a lifetime!

From there we visited St Mathias church and fisherman’s bastillion, which are my favorite spots in Budapest. Here is where we spent the most time off of our Segways and really enjoyed the area for about ten minutes. The small shops nearby add a sense of what it had been like in the past during kings and queens and castles.

Finally, we crossed the most famous bridge the chain bridge and visited parliament. As you can see we had a very action packed tour and because of the speed, we were able to explore everything the Buda side had to offer. There are many more tours they offer so you are able to see the entire city of Budapest. If you find yourself in Budapest and want to see more and do more be sure to check out Get Segway Tours.


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