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Experience Budapest’s Ruin Bars and Night-Life

Budapest is known for its night scene. In fact, people from all over Europe regularly come for the weekends just to party. But with there being more ruin bars than can be seen in a single day it can be hard to know where to go.

That’s why we decided to go with Pub Crawl Budapest. They are Budapest’s longest running ruin bar tour company so you can imagine they got their stuff together. But there are tons of other companies to choose from not to mention you can just go out yourself so why would you join this one. Well let me tell you

What is a Ruin Bar?

Ruin bars are something we only have in Budapest, they are a specialty of the city. There are a bunch of ruined but really neat Monarchy era buildings that instead of being renovated are made into high-quality pubs and bars but keeping their run-down atmosphere. They are usually furnished with vintage communist era stuff and are hit with that absurd hipster aesthetic. (Pub Crawl Budapest)

The Experience

for only 10.99Euro about 12.50 USD online or 19.99 euro/23 USD on the spot, you can have the experience of a lifetime. Or enjoy all you can drink power hour for 24.99Euro about online or 34.99Euro on the spot. The main reason most people joining a pub crawl is to meet people. With this tour, you will not be disappointed, since this is such an established tour many people take it daily. Our group included about 30 other travelers from all over the world. We ended up making some great friends and even meeting for dinner the next night.

What’s Included

You will go to 4 bars, most being ruin bars and the biggest club in town with over 32 different rooms! You will receive one shot at each bar and at the club. Since you are free to leave anytime you will start to notice the later you stay out the more shots you will get from the missing people. There is also a money back guarantee that you will have the best night ever.

5 Steps to Having the Best Night Ever

  1. Talk to everyone
  2. dress warmly if it’s cold out
  3. try different drinks at each bar
  4. stay out as late as you can
  5. Stay with the group

Our Night

It started with meeting outside of Burger King. We signed in on an iPad that confirmed our online reservations. As we all stood slightly standoffish waiting for next steps our tour guides gathered us closer to tell us the breakdown of the night. We would spend about 45 minutes at each bar and arrive at the club around 1am from there we were on our own. Since we don’t usually stay up past 10pm we were a bit nervous about making it through the night.

It only took our first drink at the first bar to start connecting with other travelers. We met people from Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and pretty much all over Europe. Most just there for the weekend to have a good time.

At the first bar, we entered into an obvious ruin bar. The outside dilapidated and run down. We walked through a plastic film blocking the entrance and entered into a strange eclectic space with random furniture, some looking like living room and bedroom pieces. The bar has multiple menus behind it with seemingly random scribbles of drinks written in another language. We received a free palinka shot and ordered a drink special called the zombie for a couple of dollars. 

The second bar was more refined but still had a hip vibe and story. Flaming shots were the specialty here, and many partook. We enjoyed a sweet free shot and got a beer as big as my head for $2! 

The third bar was another true ruin bar. We walked through another plastic film to a bar riddled with communist era decor and a funky vibe. We took our free shots and gathered outside with a group of other travelers on the tour. We cheered in multiple languages and laughed at where the night had taken us so far. 

By the fourth bar, things started to get a little shaky being a lightweight and drinking a free shot and drink at each bar started to take its toll. This bar was another ruin bar with a dance floor and a crazy party vibe. At this point, we were making friends from all over the world who were apart of the pub crawl. Our now friend, then stranger, from Denmark, bought us a round of beers. 

We ended at the largest club in town, it was like a maze with never-ending rooms of music playing. It was around 2pm by this time and we took our last free shot and bided ado to our tour guides, who somehow had managed to wrangle a crowd of about 30 drunk people from bar to bar to here. As the night dragged ever more into the morning we somehow ended up staying till close, which was 7am. I guess you could say we got the full Budapest night-life experience.  

So, if you’re looking to experience the best night ever in Budapest and see some real and authentic ruin bars be sure to check out (Pub Crawl Budapest).

Pro tip it’s way cheaper to book online as well!


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