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Local Craft Beer Bars in Budapest

Anyone who knows me, knows I love beer! While you may not think of Budapest as the city with the best beer, you may be surprised by their craft beer presence. While there aren’t hundreds of beer bars there are some really amazing spots to get a craft brew. The beer tour with  Budapest Urban Adventure takes you to some hidden spots in town to try some amazing beers!

What to expect:

While I can’t be sure if each tour is exactly the same I will share the details of our trip so you can have an idea of what to expect. The tour with Budapest Urban Adventure lasted about 3 hours for us, we got an amazing recommendation from our tour guide for a local place in the Jewish quarter to enjoy dinner and visited it after our tour and it ended up being one of the best meals we had in the city.  We visited 4 bars, they were a mixture of local and craft. The tour started around 8pm meeting in a very local district, district 7.

Our first bar was just across the street and had a really amazing steampunk vibe. This was my favorite bar for the ambiance and atmosphere. We then took public transportation, tickets already paid for and printed for you. We walked a short distance to the cultural center where we had, in my personal opinion, the best beers of the night. We then walked a short distance to a local sports bar and had a traditional Hungarian beer.

We finished at a ruin bar with a more party vibe and a perfect place to end your night out. We were able to taste a couple of beers and then choose a beer to drink at each bar. We received some much-appreciated local snacks at the first and third bar. Everything was prepaid through Budapest Urban Adventures so you will not need your wallet for this trip. As we visited each location we were told about the history of beer in Budapest as well as the local area we were in. Be sure to bundle up in the winter as you walk to each location.

The beers: 

I was really surprised by the selection of beers while on the beer tour with Budapest Urban Adventures. I started the night with a lager on nitro moved to a peach IPA, enjoyed a stout and a local light ale. This is a great time to push your idea of what types of beer you like. While I usually say I don’t like IPA’s there were some really delicious ones that I tried an obviously ended up ordering. Think outside of the box and try things you never would back home, after all this is the perfect chance to expand your pallet.

The history of beer in Budapest:

This tour doesn’t just include drinking beer it also includes the history of beer not just in Budapest but around the world. For instance, the first beers were brewed in Mesopotamia and were nothing like what we have today, shocker, I know. Budapest is actually known for its wine and beer, mainly craft beer is a relatively new concept here. Of course, there is no way I can remember anything close to everything they told us about beer and its history, so to get the real scoop you have to take the tour.

The Highlights 

The biggest highlights, in my opinion, were number one, the fact that you don’t have to pay because everything is already pre-paid. It takes a lot of stress off ordering and worrying about the price of each beer you order, and also worrying about losing or forgetting your wallet anywhere. I also think the fact that all the places you visit are off the beaten path so they are more local spots with little to no tourists, you really get to find hidden gems throughout the city. Finally, although you walk, it is very minimum, so the tour is very accessible. Pretty much anyone could take this tour and enjoy it with no problems.

If you are looking to experience this amazing tour you can use code UABUD for 10% off any tour with  Urban Adventures. When visiting Budapest this is a really great way to not only meet others who are into beer but also see parts of the city you otherwise would never experience. If you are not so into beer be sure to check out the wine tour as well. 


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