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6 Lesser-known Instagram Worthy Spots in Budapest

If you look all over the internet you will find some amazing places in Budapest to take those Instagram pictures. Places like the Fishermans Bastillion is so beautiful, but with everyone taking the same photos some originality can be nice. But, where can you find those amazing spots that look oh so good on the gram? Well here are a few ideas to get you started, just don’t tell too many people or your originality may start to disappear. 

The Box 

Looking for some delicious treats? How about square donuts and bagels. This place has it all delicious donuts, coffee, and savory sandwiches. Not to mention a cute to boot space perfect for some Instagram snaps.


New York Cafe

This may be one of the most beautiful Cafes in the world. The art deco encapsulated room takes you back to another era and encases you in a feeling of a fancy aristocrat. Feel fancy AF getting a bite to eat at this amazing venue.


Goamama Coffee House

There are so many cute coffee shops all around the city. This takes those oh so desired hipster vibes and envelopes it in comfort. Making this the perfect place to start your morning and greet all your followers.


Milk Bar 

A newer concept in Budapest this amazing cafe styles venue boasts amazing milkshakes, hot chocolate, and yogurts, there are even lactose-free options. The decor is lively and vibrant making you want to pull out your phone from the moment you step in the door.


Zeller Bistro

This place may be underwhelming upon arrival, but after a welcome bubbly drink and a walk to the back, you will be transported to an Instagram fairyland. The food is delicious and there is even live music to create the perfect ambiance.img_8765

Igloo Rooftop Bar 

I honestly am not sure why this place isn’t more well known. Its absolutely beautiful boasting igloos on the rooftop with a beautiful view. Each of the six igloos are decorated with a different theme. Making this the ultimate Instagram venue.



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