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5 Travel Resolutions for 2019

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With the new year upon us it’s pretty crazy to think that 2018 is almost over. A longing for change is always first on the New Years list filled with resolutions. If travel is on that list, here are some resolutions you may have already added to your list or may want to.

  1. Utilize travel Points

The way to travel more is to get free travel. The easiest way to do this is to accumulate travel points on a credit card. If you are already spending money at the gas pump, grocery store, and various restaurants, then you may as well get perks from that spending. Here is a list of some of the best travel credit cards in 2019

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  1. Research the culture 

Before you travel somewhere look for dos and don’ts. Respecting cultures is something you should always do. You also want to insure that you actually have a great time, if people treat you like crap for being disrespectful, I have a feeling that would make the trip way less fun.

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  1. Go to places you never wanted to go

Let’s be honest there is always a country or town that we think, gosh, I don’t really want to visit there. But sometimes by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones we find just how wrong our assumptions were. We need to understanding that word of mouth and the media isn’t always the most accurate. The best way to know about a place is to visit it yourself. something you thought you would never like just may end up being your favorite place.

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  1. Immerse more in the local culture

Once you are in a new country you need to experience some things locals do, and not just hang around the touristy spots. The way we grow the best is by new experiences if we only stay in places that cater to our normal lives then we miss a huge opportunity for growth and understanding.

These are just a few travel resolution to consider for 2019. Have any others you think should be added to the list? Leave them in the comments.

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