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4 Things You Can Do to Start Traveling More Today

  1. Save Money

Obviously traveling takes money, and that’s usually money we don’t have just laying around. most people I know who travel a lot generally do so because they make it a priority and save. Even people I know who live paycheck to paycheck make this possible. By not eating out or going out to drink, not buying new clothes and instead thrift shopping etc, they have prioritized travel in their lives. Therefore, beyond the basics of food and shelter they only spend the rest of their money on travel. Even if you do have a remote job and can make money as you are traveling, having an eggs nest for emergencies is important and incredibly helpful.

2. Downsize 

Not spending money on new stuff is just as important as not having a ton of stuff. You can even make money from those old things you don’t use anymore. Now you have even more money towards your travels, score! Also if you have less stuff packing becomes easier and now those checked bags become carry ons saving you tons of money in the long run. Downsizing doesn’t mean getting rid of everything you own, but only holding onto the things that truly matter and have purpose in your life.

3. Be Flexible and Open

Traveling usually means being in different cultures and new surroundings. Because of this you will most likely be uncomfortable or feel foreign. This is a good thing in our lives because it makes us grow and have more empathy and seeing things in different points of views. As well travel in my experience is usually filled with unexpected surprises, both good and bad. Being able to be flexible allows you to change with the changes and ensures your travels aren’t filled with stress and ill moods. Staying positive and open minded in challenging situations eases the tension and can lead to the best memories.

4. Find Deals

Booking directly from the air carries site may not be the best thing for your wallet. Travel is cheaper than ever but that doesn’t mean that all the best deals are easy to find, nor do they last long. Using sites like Brazberry, who send you daily flight deals from all across the web, can really save you in the long run.




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