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Off-season Island Hoping in Phuket with Breezy Andaman

While we were staying at Patong Beach in Phuket we knew we wanted to go and see phi Phi Island. But with so many tours to choose from, how do you know what to use to have the best time? We were lucky enough to find Rose, an amazing local travel agent, who gave us an amazing deal on this tour through Breezy Andaman. Tom made the experience the best ever. it didn’t hurt that we only had 12 people on the tour that normally holds over 30! Thank you off-season!


phuket phi phi island tour

7am:Pick up from hotel in Patong taken to the port

The van will pick you up from outside your hotel. This takes about an hour from Patong and they will pick up multiple other people only in the Patong area as well. Then you are on your way to the dock.

crowded street with cars passing by

9am:Eat some breakfast and get ready to board the boat

The breakfast is simple with some biscuits and toast but its nice if you are like me and get sea sick to have something in your belly before you get on the boat. They also provide sea sick pills. Thank Goodness!

10am:Head out to first island Maya Bay 

it takes about 45 minutes to get to the first destination. For us the water was really choppy. Expect changes in the schedule if this happens. They want you to have the absolute best time so they wont stick to a schedule for the sake of it. Because of this we didn’t stop some places the water was too rough to swim but got to spend more time at others that we wouldn’t have seen as much.

10:45:Snorkeling at Maya beach

This is the world famous spot from the movie The Beach with Leonardo. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it. Diving off the boat into the refreshing clear blue waters is a rush! We also snorkeled to a small cave and beach. The wild life here is amazing. The Yellow fish will swim right next to you and even nibble your toe. 

11:30:Swimming in Pileh Cove

This was my absolute favorite spot! The drastic contrast of the cliffs with the serene water was to die for. We swam around here for about an hour. Unfortunately the beach is closed because the government is building it up for tourism. 

12:30: Viking Cave

You cannot enter the caves as people do live there but the main reason is because you will probably get shot, no seriously. The people who live there collect birds nest which are then sold and made into a culinary delicacy. These nests are worth a whopping 10k a kilo! But they are so high up and difficult to get to that not just anyone can get them. These people actually use sticks to catapult themselves int the air and grab the nests once the birds have abandoned them. Pretty crazy stuff. But the water here as you can see in this unfiltered photo was the most remarkable out of all the places we visited. 


1:00:Eat lunch at Phi Phi Don

This is one of the only islands you can actually stay on in Phi Phi. Filled with much more touristy things like shopping and restaurants. We ate a buffet style lunch with that consisted of rice, curry, spaghetti and watermelon. Afterwards we were free to explore the beach for a bit before heading out t our next stop. 

silver chafing dishes on table

2:45:Visit Monkey Beach

I have to admit I did not have the best experience here and am not sure if I will be returning. As you pull up to the island lots of other boats are coming in and out. You start to see the monkeys spread out all over the tiny island and some even swimming towards boats. They seem cute when you first go onto the island. There are people taking selfies all over. After a monkey ran and grabbed my arm and bared its teeth at me I think its safe to say I don’t find them so cute anymore. But none of the 100s of people on the beach had a similar experience. 

3:30:Snorkel at Bamboo Island 

We were amazed at the crystal clear blue waters here. the array of colorful coral is breath taking and the proximity to the sea life that you get to experience is really special. Parrot fish and sea urchins and cucumbers are scatter around you. 

This tour is great no matter when you go, but because we visited during the off season we had the most amazing experience. Not only was the boat spacious with plenty of room. Each Island we visited was also empty so we were able to explore everything we wanted to.

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