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Best Ways To Travel In Bangkok During the Off-season

Bangkok is a huge city with a major traffic problem. Getting from your hotel to your destination can be a real hinderance unless you know multiple ways to get around the city.


This is by far the best way to get around the city. You can get to almost any destination within the city and even venture faster out. But rider beware just like any city during rush hour the ride can become very packed and uncomfortable. But it always beats sitting in a taxi for hours on end barely moving. Trust me when I say that these railways will make your experience of the city so much better.


Taxis are the number one most known way to travel anywhere in the world. But that doesn’t mean they are the best way to travel. Depending on where you are going and at what time this option can be reasonable or cost you so much more. When traveling to further away locations like a floating market or elephant adventure this may be your best bet. But when just traveling around the city be sure to make the taxi driver turn on the meter before you get in. If they refuse then do not use that can. Take into account depending on where you are hauling a cab and at what time you may not be able to find someone willing g to turn on their cab. This is especially true if you are traveling only a short distance.


A bike is the best way to get around the city by far! You can dodge in and out of traffic unlike a cab and go places the metro can’t. But if your worried about being able to drive in a foreign city. And trust me this ones traffic rules seem to be non existent. Don’t fret you can just hop on the back of a moped taxi. Now you will have to negotiate rates since there will obviously be no meters. So the chance of getting ripped off are higher but so are your chances of actually getting to your destination in a timely fashion.

Bangkok Girls on Bikes

Tuk Tuk

To be honest this is never the best mode of transport. Once upon a magical time tuk tuks were cheaper than taxis but alas those times are long gone. But there are still tons driving around the city. Why you ask. Because they are so much fun! Zipping through the roads in an open seat on the side of a moped. Throw in a trip to Khao San road and some drinks with no traffic and you have yourself the best ride home. There are no meters here either so negotiations happen before you get in and take off. Word to the wise never take the fist price offered and realize you will almost never get the same price of a cab. But they are used more than for transport it’s also an experience you can’t get just anywhere in the world. Also other countries refer to tuk tuks but most are not the same. So take the time to enjoy something new once on your trip to Bangkok.

Water Taxis

What would a trip to Bangkok be without a trip to a temple. And trust me there are some amazing temples in Bangkok. The Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha for starters. The ferry along the water is the best way to get to and from the best temples along the waterways. A very cheap and non traffic option is used by locals and tourists alike. There is even a free boat to Asiatiques night market.


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