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19 Best Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand) in the Off-season


There is no time for sleeping in this restless city. With so much to do and see you may feel a little overwhelmed. But if your up to the adventure Bangkok has a plethora of action awaiting you. Here are some of the best things to do in the city of Bangkok and just outside.

Floating Market

Floating markets are are a completely tourist trap. Sorry, but someone had to say it. Now with that out of the way, they are also a pretty cool experience. In fact, I suggest you visit one. Just know there are none in the city of Bangkok and you will have to wake up pretty early to visit most.

Grand Palace

This place is an absolute must see!! Out of all the temples in Bangkok (trust me there are a lot) this is the one you have to see!! This palace boasts some of the most intricate and bling buildings in the city. Filled with an amazing attention for detail and most things done by hands. Add a couple hundreds of years and this old dwelling of the king really takes your breath away.

Khaosan Road

This is noted as the backpackers dwellings, and for good reason. Here you will find cheap accommodations and western type foods. Cheap clothing and massages line the street. After dark this spot turns into a party hub where you can find almost anything you wish, for a price.

Station 21

While there are a conglomerate of malls through Bangkok this one deserves a special mention. At this unique mall each floor is a different city from all over the world. You can find San Francisco, Paris and London here to name just a few. It’s worth a walk around even if you don’t enjoy shopping.

Marble Temple

While this is a much smaller temple than the previously mentioned grand palace it still has its place in the que of things to see in Bangkok. Made out of imported white marble from Italy it’s subtle beauty awes and inspires. Plus it’s not too far from the main line of temples near the river. So it’s worth stopping by while your in the area.

Reclining Buddha(Wat Pho)

While we were not able to see this in person it had to make the list because it’s one of the most searched and oldest temples in Bangkok. Boasting a giant reclining Buddha it’s become very Instagram worthy.

Soi Cowboy

Have you ever seen the hangover two? Well this is where those well curated scenes of the tattoo and lady boys takes place. If following scenes from famous movies isn’t reason enough to visit, you can find dirt cheap drinks here and some risqué behavior. So if you’re up for an interesting hangover type of night, this may be just the place for you.


This night market on the river boasts one of the most famous lady boy shows in town. You can take the mrt/bts to a free ferry. Once arrived food and drinks from around the world come cheap and lots of haggling can be had for an array of goods.

Siam Niramet

This show is the most famous traditional Thai dance show in Bangkok. Tickets don’t come cheap though starting at 1500baht per person. It tells the story of Thai culture and the influence of China and the silk trade. Live elephants adorn the stage along with a real river and traditional clothing. It’s really is a beautiful sight to see.

siam niramet


This weekend market is a favorite not only for tourists but locals alike. With easy access from the mrt getting to and from anywhere in the city is a breeze. You will find this market is bigger than it appears format he outside with labyrinth and courtyards selling food and clothing for any occasion.


China Town

It seems every major city has a China town. Most with the same underlying feel to them but each has their own twist. This is a great night spot to go out and enjoy cheap and decadent food and to find strange things at the markets pinning the streets. Most come here for the street food before heading out to party.

Muay Thai Fights

Muay Thai is a traditional style of fighting in Thailand. It combines martial arts and boxing. There are multiple places throughout Bangkok to see a fight. Some are more touristy than others.


Siam shopping mall area

If you were looking to shop this is the spot. A maze of malls all interconnected line the streets on either side. You can find just about anything and everything you may be looking for from electronics to high fashion the furniture. This is the perfect spot to shop till you drop.

Get a massage

The infamous Thai massage can be found on just about every street corner. But I must warn that of you are unaccustomed to extreme digging and pulling this may not be the massage you want. They do offer other types of massages like oil and aromatherapy which utilize more Swedish style massage. But either way these massages will feel more like a deep tissue with the strong hands of the massage therapists. But for most massages costing a mere 300baht this is something you should indulge in more than once. The foot massages are especially melt worthy.

Ride the Boat

As mentioned before at of the temples in Bangkok are lined along the river. A very easy way to travel to them is to ride a ferry service along the river. This is taken by both the locals and tourists. The fee is minimal and it’s a fun thing to experience within the city.

Ride a tuk tuk

While this form of transportation is more costly than a taxi it’s a novel thing to experience. You will have to negotiate your fare before entering and know your destination. These cannot go too far outside the city so best to use while within the city limits. Also traffic can be at a complete stand still during peak times so best to avoid a ride then as it will take you a lot more time to get to your destination. But I you enjoy the wind whipping through your hair as a bike pulls you up and down streets at an alarming speed dodging traffic and pedestrians than this is something you will enjoy during your visit.

Play with Elephants

There are many elephant reserves and parks to choose from. All are outside the city. There is a lot of research you can do to see if the place you want to visit aligns with you. Most packages start at 100usd a person and go up from there. These are usually one in a lifetime experiences with up close interactions with these incredible and gentle animals.

See the WWII bridge

Did you know the Japanese invaded Thailand during WWII? Neither did I before visiting this bridge. It’s about 2 hours outside of the city, and there are many tours that go here from Bangkok. I would suggest doing a package deal where you can see more than just the bridge since there isn’t much to do at the bridge except walk across it and take some pictures. Make sure you learn a little bit about the history so you can truly appreciate the bridge.

Octave Roof Top Bar Marriott Sukhumvit

This is boasted as one of the best roof top bars in the entire City. Once you climb to the top of the hotel you will see why. A classy restaurant sits just underneath the roof top bar with access to the remaining two floors. The city stretches out in front of you showing off all its glamour and allure. This bar is known for their special tequila cocktails that are so delicious. There is also a great happy hour with half off certain drinks.


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