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Why We Quit Our Tech Jobs and Started Traveling the World

When people hear our story they are usually amazed. Phrases such as “if only” or “I wish” tend to follow. But we have no secret formula for success. We just decided that we were tired of trading our valuable time for money. And we decided to take control of our lives.

Brandon and I met while working at a tech start up in San Francisco. At first we loved it and thought we were taking the first step into our life long careers. But cold calling for 8 hours a day got old really quick. And we started to feel lost in this new corporate world we had entered.

After two years of grinding away just to pay rent we started to look for alternatives. That’s when tiny living came across our radars. The idea of living more simple really appealed to us. Then we found school buses. The perfect compromise of living more simple and being able to travel with your home.

After traveling the United States in our converted shuttle bus for a year we realized we wanted to do more. We learned so much. Like how little money we actually needed to travel. And while traveling that first year in our converted shuttle bus home we realized the power of traveling the off season.

We found that most places were dramatically cheaper in the off season. Places were much less crowded and we were able to barter for things otherwise set in price. We started to wonder if this was something that only worked in the US. But what we found during our trip to south east Asia that in fact it works even better while traveling.

Currently for money we tend to work for a little bit of time and then budget that money to allow us to experience life instead of working 9-5. The key isn’t how much you make. It’s how you spend the money you make. Without needing to pay rent and other trivial expenses we’re able to stretch the little bit of money we make.

At this point we probably make 20k a year. That money allowed us to travel to 30 states in a year and now to Thailand, Philippines and Bali. Traveling to countries where our dollar goes further during the off season allows us to live like kings on an otherwise tiny budget.

When we first started we had no clue what we were doing. But as you travel you learn what things work and what don’t. You learn to get creative and where to put your money, so you can get the most out of your travels. For us we love adventure and outdoors therefore most of the things we do are free.

There is no secret formula to how to start this life style. The first step is facing your fears and jumping into an unconventional life. But when you realize how much more valuable your time is rather than money. You allow yourself to live a life of passion. And for us that’s truly living.


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